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the silence

théâtre national de strasbourg, strasbourg // 2022

director: falk richter

assistant director: nadja mattioli
text: falk richter

translation: anne monfort
scenography: katrin hoffmann
costume design: katrin hoffmann

assistant costume design: émilie cognard
music: daniel freitag
video: lion bischof
light design: philippe berthomé
dramaturgy: jens hillje

dramaturgical assistance: nadja mattioli
production assistance: claire ingrid cottanceau

photos: jean-louis fernandez

stanislas nordey

(with falk richter & doris waltraud richter on screen)


THE SILENCE is a research into Falk Richter's

biography and family history. A trip down memory lane takes him back to his parents' house,

which he left more than 30 years ago,

following his coming out. His father died before a reconciliation with his son can take place.

But the son finally wants to break the silence

that reigned in his family. He starts a dialogue with his mother which plunges him back into the hellish

days of his and her youth. What follows is also

a journey into the chasms of Western society from post-war to today, revealing a persistent history of

violence that makes a more humane future impossible.

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