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skuespilhuset, copenhagen// 2021

director: falk richter

assistant director: nadja mattioli
text: falk richter and performers
choreography: sofia södergård, nadja mattioli,

lukas karvelis, beck heiberg
scenography: wolfgang menardi
costume design: andy besuch

assistant costume design: coline jud
music: niels ostendorf
video design: signe emma
light design: egil barclay høgenni hansen
dramaturgy: jens hillje, benedikte hammershøy nielsen

dramaturgical assistance: nadja mattioli
production assistance: Alberte Jacobson

beck heiberg
anton hjejle
lukas karvelis
adil laboudi
johannes lilleøre
xenia noetzelmann
sofia södergård


Pride and shame are emotions evoked when daring to show the world your true self. Coming out

as a queer person often is a complex process

of liberation. Everyone has a unique story about the fears and hopes that go with freely expressing

your feelings and desires. A new world opens up

as one is challenged to reinvent their identity, find love, create relationships and build families outside

of traditional paths. Seven queer performers from

five different countries share their personal stories of pride and shame and they invite the audience on

a journey through the universe of queer life during the last fifty years.

Falk Richter has created - in collaboration with the performers and the artistic team - a cross over performance

of theatre, dance, music, and video that proudly

celebrates diversity and the sense of belonging in the LGBTIQ+ community. PRIDE celebrates the achievements of

the ongoing struggle for equality and freedom.

It takes a closer look at the concerning rise of old and new homophobia in European countries such as Poland and Hungary,

where the freedom of queer people is once again

at stake. The struggle for queer liberation even in Europe is an ongoing process.

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