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The Bunker Theatre London

12th May 2019

A Holy Trinity of Pain

Doleo (ergo sum)

Lady has finally been diagnosed. And she is relieved! Now she can finally tell you about her disease. She can tell you how much she is in pain, how long it took for her to be diagnosed, for her to be able to talk to you about it.

Will you listen? Will you feel pity for her?

However, now she is haunted by opposing desires to survive. Should she take notice of her emotions? Or should she listen to her mind? The latter keeps telling her that she will only be happy by taking her pills and by letting everyone know that now she's fine. But her emotions claim they know better, that she should finally realize that her pain is rooted in something else.

Doleo (ergo sum) - a pinch of live music, voguing, butoh and folk dance, all blended into an endless cocktail of pain.

Directed by Hortense LeGuillou

Choreography by Nadja Mattioli

Dramaturgy by Nadja Mattioli

Live music by Matteo Ciminari


Maroussia Frank as The Lady

Nadja Mattioli as The Iconoclast

Marilena Sitaropoulou as The Illusionist

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