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Athens, Greece

December 2016

A Contemporary Ritual


Rituals have lost their importance, their impact. They no longer connect us with each other or some other, they often feel forced and a remnant of a distant past we do not feel related to. Because we have progressed, we have advanced, we are no longer dependent on ancient beliefs.


There is indeed a disconnect between the rituals we try to uphold and our contemporary lives. Yet, rituals are manifold, and can have a major effect on individuals as well as communities, encouraging growth, compassion, communication, endurance, and so on.

Can we create new rituals today that are meaningful to our contemporary setting and world view? What would the ritual celebrate, encourage, question, create?


The rhythms have changed. Speed prevails.

Time is measured against progress.


Creative Concept by Irini Vlavianou

Ritual Choreography and Performance by Nadja Mattioli

Videography by Irini Vlavianou

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