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Some Explicit Polaroids

Blackbox Theatre Athens

23rd - 24th June 2017

A meeting of two generations that clash, but reveal that at the end of the day, everyone is driven by an innate sensation of loneliness, hiding behind anger, political ideals, consumerism, sex or career, trying to keep a sharp distance between themselves and others, so as not to feel vulnerable and exposed.

Directed by Nadja Mattioli & Iony Moschovakou

Scenography by Anna-Maria Panagiotopoulou

Light Design by Eleanna Giassemi & Angela Simiriotis


Stelios Troullakis as Tim

Konstantinos Michail as Victor
Natasha Makraki as Helen
Nefeli Asimakis as Nadia
Alex Al-Akaila as Nick

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